Cooking Classes are at the heart of Red Stick Spice. We consider ourselves the tireless champions of home cooks. While we have taught countless cooking classes, we know that they are completely new to our guests. Here’s what you can expect…

Choose your Learning Style
Classes at Red Stick Spice are structured to provide robust learning. With years of instruction under our belt, we’ve landed on the perfect structure for each class menu.

DIVIDE & CONQUER – When you choose a “DIVIDE & CONQUER” class, expect to work on a dish that will contribute to the multi-course meal. In these classes, each group works on a different dish. At the end of the class, when you dine on the meal, plan to have lively conversations with your classmates about each contribution. Divide & Conquer classes are the structure we use for all Private Classes and our Farm Tours.

COOK IT ALL – When you book a “COOK IT ALL” class, you’ll cook the entire menu along with another individual at your station. This type of class is perfect for cooking alongside a friend or family member. At the end of the class, you’ll dine with the others in the class and lively discussion is guaranteed.

All the Bells & Whistles
We are an Official Monogram Experience Kitchen. While we are chefs, our spacious kitchen isn’t a commercial kitchen. It was designed to function as a home kitchen, complete with Monogram appliances. You will cook at one of four Monogram dual fuel gas ranges, true workhorses ready to crank out multiple courses. Watch big pots of pasta water boil while sauces are held at a true simmer. Take our Pizza Party class, and you’ll experience all 1000 degrees of the Monogram Hearth Oven.

Tools of the Trade
While you’re in a class, you’ll work with our favorite tools. From sustainable Epicurean cutting boards to our custom, hand-made, perfectly angled Louisiana Roux Spoons, you’ll use what we use in our own homes. We proudly feature Staub cast iron, Mason Cash pottery and Microplane. Get your hands on the best in the industry.

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