Air-popped Popcorn
Pure Avocado Oil or other oil of choice
Spice Blend or Infused Sea Salt of your choice

Take movie night to a whole new level! This fun and delicious idea for a Popcorn Bar came to us from a customer, and we love it! Set up this display and transform a night in with a DVD into something extra special!

Some combos we love…

Pure Avocado Oil and Black Truffle Salt

Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chile Verde Sea Salt

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Loaded Potato Skin Blend

Pure Avocado Oil and Schichimi Togarashi

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Apple Chipotle Rub

Pure Avocado Oil and Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

With over 100 spice blends and 50 gourmet salts, the possibilities are endless!


1.Working with the hot popped popcorn, spritz it with the oil of your choice then sprinkle on the blend or salt. Toss gently and serve immediately.

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