1 Tbl Vanilla Reishi Daily Blend
3 Tbl hot water
1.5 cups steamed milk (any type)
Sweetener, optional

Reishi mushrooms are known as the Queen of Mushrooms. China and Japan have used Reishi to support well-being for generations. Known as adaptogens, these mushrooms have been shown to help your body adapt to stress. We love blending with these earthy, beneficial mushrooms. Our Vanilla Reishi Daily Blend and Mocha Mushroom Daily Blend are delicious ways to incorporate Reishi into your lifestyle. Stop by SoGo Tea Bar and give a Reishi Mushroom Latte a try. Then when you’re ready, grab and Daily Blend jar and make one at home!


1.Whisk the Vanilla Reishi powder with the hot water until smooth. Whisk or froth in the hot milk. Taste and sweeten if needed.

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