2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into cutlets
Zhug Blend
Pecan Oil

Oh, how we love Zhug. This Yemenite spice blend – also spelled Zhoug – is a combo of fiery chiles, warm spices and bright herbs. Sprinkle it in a dish with Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and get to bread dipping. Add a dash to a cup of tomato soup. Zhug is also great for searing proteins – like these chicken breast cutlets. It’s a quick dish that’s full on flavor!

Hungry for more? Read about different approaches for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in our blog: Three Techniques for Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts.


1.Pat the chicken breasts dry. To create the cutlets, place one boneless, skinless chicken breast on a cutting board. Place the breast toward the edge of the cutting board closest to you. Hold it flat with the palm of your non-knife hand. Using a sharp knife, slice the chicken breast horizontally into two even pieces. Repeat with the second breast. You now have four cutlets.
2.Season the cutlets on all sides with salt and Zhug. If it's available, refrigerate the cutlets for 30 mins or longer - up to a day. This early seasoning leads to really tasty and juicy chicken.
3.Heat a cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Drizzle in the Pecan Oil. Sear the cutlets until golden brown. Turn and reduce the heat. You may need a little additional oil if the chicken is scorching. Continue cooking for 3-5 minutes or until the chicken is firm to the touch and opaque white throughout. Your best tool is an instant read thermometer. The safe temp for consuming chicken is 165°F.
4.Allow the chicken to rest on a plate or cutting board for 5 minutes before carving.

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