Like so many cooks, we love Julia Child. Our love was renewed after watching the HBO series Julia, as we were reminded that she was the first true food influencer. She launched an entire industry, and she made it look so easy. We love all things Julia – there’s so much to love! Here are three of our favorite lessons from Julia Child…

1-Cook with Wine
Julia’s roots were in French cuisine, and that cuisine is drenched in wine. We’ve had customers ask us about substitutions for wine in recipes or ask if they can skip that step. No to both. The action of the wine reducing into the aromatics or sauce is where all the magic takes place. All of the layers of flavor in that wine, all of the years of fermentation, all those flavors intensify and add to the dish. Hold onto those last dregs of wine – we store them in the fridge in the Teaching Kitchen. Sometimes a dish only needs a splash – don’t skip it. It’s there for a really good reason! Try Julia’s Suprêmes de Volaille aux Champignons – a classic chicken dish with a luxurious, wine-filled sauce.

Supremes de Volaille aux Chapignons

2-The 3:1 Vinaigrette Ratio Is not a Rule
Julia was known to say that she liked her vinaigrettes like she liked her martinis. This vinaigrette has a very low acid to oil ratio and is a departure from the 3:1 ratio rule. There were no rules with Julia, and this vinaigrette is proof. She preferred to leave the acidity low and the decision to add more acid to the cook. You can always add more acid, but you can’t take it away! This vinaigrette is luxurious and perfect for salad, steamed asparagus or green beans. Shake up a jar of Julia’s Red Wine Vinaigrette for your next bowl of greens – be sure to “shake with great vigor” (Julia’s instructions.)

Red Wine Vinaigrette

3-Every Woman Needs a Blow Torch
The blow torch quote is attributed to Julia Child but it’s actually from a guest on Julia’s show. While she did say it, Julia did wholeheartedly agree that “every woman should have a blow torch.” While it won’t be using it every day in the kitchen, it does come in handy for meringues, creme brulee and these little Baked Alaskas. We love it when a vintage recipe makes for a successful and delectable comeback. These little treats feature a divine chocolate cake, a little fruity jam and any ice cream flavor your heart desires. Enrobe them in a fluffy cloud of meringue, then light your torch. Julia Child would be proud!

Baked Alaska

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