Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those products that keeps proving itself a winner in dish after dish. Shallot give a mild onion-garlic flavor to this oil making it both delicious and versatile. Check out these Five Ways with Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Cauliflower Toast

1. Cauliflower Toast. These cauliflower toasts are where simplicity meets big flavors. We bring in our Salt-n-Pepa blend to season the cauliflower and Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an aromatic punch. This dish makes a fantastic weeknight supper with a salad or a fun starter for a dinner party.

Filet Mignon with French Herbs

2. Steaks. Nothing beats a perfectly-cooked filet on steak night. And sometimes, simplicity is the best approach. Savory Steak & Chop and Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a match made in steakhouse heaven. Pour a tall glass of cabernet, and dig in! Serve with a lettuce wedge and potatoes for a classic steakhouse date night.

Shrimp, Spinach and Mushroom Frittata

3. Frittata. Completely customizable, incredibly easy and totally delicious. In this frittata, savory Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil teams up with spicy BBQ Shrimp Seasoning and rich Roasted Garlic Sea Salt. The result is a brunch-worthy dish that’s protein-packed and perfect for a quick weeknight supper. We especially love how nicely it tucks into a lunchbox the next day.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tikka Masala

4. Roasted Cauliflower. A whole head of cauliflower roasts up golden brown and delicious. This sweet vegetable is perfectly complimented by our savory Shallot Oil, Tikka Masala blend and our spicy Hot Curry Salt. Pop this in the oven while you get dinner together, then wow everyone with your culinary prowess!

Potato Latkes

5. Potatoes. Crunchy on the outside, warm and pillowy on the inside, this Hanukah staple is a must for any holiday table. We love the convenience of frozen potatoes. We especially love the flavors from Spud Spice and the rich Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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