1 3-5 lb pork loin
Turkey Brine
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup stock
1 onion, sliced

This wet brine technique is the perfect way to bring big, juicy flavor to pork loin – a cut that is notorious for being dry and bland. Our Turkey Brine has everything you need to make your pork roast juicy and flavorful. We rub the brined roast with Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning. A quick sear then pop it in the oven. Serve with rolls and spicy mustard. So delicious!


1.In a medium pan, combine the Turkey Brine with 2 cups water and heat over medium-high heat until the salt and sugar in the brine kit dissolves. Add ice to cool down the mixture. Add 1 cup orange juice. Submerge the pork loin in the mixture in a large container and refrigerate for 6 hours.
2.Remove the pork loin from the brine and rinse. Pat dry and rub with Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and season with Montreal Steak Seasoning.
3.Heat a large oven-safe skillet over medium high heat. Drizzle in Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sear the roast on all sides until well browned. Lift the roast and add the onions and stock to the pan. Stir and scrape the bottom of the pan. Move the roast on top of the onions, and move the skillet to the oven.
4.Roast at 375°F for 60 minutes or an internal temp of 140°F. Allow to rest for 20 minutes then slice and serve.

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