golden milk latte
golden milk latte
golden milk latte


3 Tbl Golden Milk Daily Blend
Hot water
Hot milk

When Anne can’t sleep, she turns to a warm glass of Golden Milk. Make the paste and keep the jar in your fridge for up to a month. You’ll love this drink in the morning, after a meal or as your new nighttime ritual. Our adHoc frother is our go-to tool for our wellness drinks and matcha.


1.Directions to make Golden Milk Paste: In a wide mouth jar, combine 3 Tbl of Golden Milk Daily Blend and hot water, about 2 tablespoons, to create a thick paste consistency. Store this paste in the refrigerator.
2.To make a cup of warm Golden Milk: Heat a cup of milk. Add 1 tsp of paste and a little of the hot milk. Use adHoc frother to create a smooth mixture. Then stir in the remaining milk and enjoy. Sweet dreams.

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