1 baguette, cut into rounds and lightly toasted
8 oz goat cheese
1 Tbl heavy cream
Fig Balsamic
Sel Gris

It may be a stretch to call this a recipe, but it’s a definite to call it delicious! Our Fig Balsamic is both yummy and beautiful with little flecks of fig dotting this sweet, syrupy vinegar. For this quick app, we whipped up goat cheese with a bit of crunchy, salty Sel Gris and sliced a baguette. Super simple. Complexly delicious. Have this at the ready for your next impromptu cocktail hour!


1.Use a hand mixer or whisk to combine the goat cheese, heavy cream and 1 tsp Sel Gris. Whip until it's lightened in texture and smooth.
2.Place the goat cheese in a serving bowl and sprinkle with a little additional Sel Gris. Slice and lightly toast the baguette. Offer the baguette slices with goat cheese and Fig Balsamic. Or you can build the crostini by spreading the goat cheese mixture on the slices and drizzling with Fig Balsamic.

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