1 Tbl unsalted butter, softened
2 tsp dark brown sugar
1/8 tsp (pinch) Apple Pie Spice
1 cup steeped Winter is Coming Black Tea
1/2 tsp Rum Extract
2 oz rum

Sweet, warm and buttery. What’s not to like? Hot buttered rum is a classic wintertime drink that’s all about comfort and joy. Traditionally made with hot water, we wanted something more and our Winter is Coming Black Tea delivered! The delicious-honey-rich flavor and works perfectly alongside the butter, brown sugar and a pinch of our Apple Pie Spice.


1.To steep the Winter is Coming Tea, place 1 heaping tsp in an infuser and pour 1 cup boiling water over. Steep for 4 minutes. The water temp and steep time for this recipe is longer than we typically recommend, but a stronger, pleasantly bitter cup of tea worked well with the other ingredients.
2.In a large mug, add in the butter, brown sugar and Apple Pie spice. Use a spoon or muddler to combine into a paste. Pour in the hot Winter is Coming Tea, Rum Extract and rum. Whisk to combine. Sprinkle with a dash of Apple Pie Spice.

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