1 tsp Hibiscus Flowers
2 heaping tsp Lavender Flowers
1 cup water
1/4 cup honey + 1/4 cup hot water
3/4 cup Vanilla Vodka, cold
2 lemons
750ml bottle Prosecco, cold
unflavored sparkling water, optional

Pretty in Pink. This little sip is about as pretty as it gets. We love a big batch cocktail, and this one is especially nice for warm weather celebrations. Lavender is so delicate and elegant. We think a toast is in order!


1.Boil a cup of water. Remove from heat and steep the Hibiscus Flowers and Lavender Flowers in the water for 45 mins. You want to make a very concentrated, perfumy liquid that can be detected in the cocktail. You don't need more flowers to do this, but you must steep for the entire time! After the steep time, refrigerate the Hibiscus/Lavender "tea."
2.Make the honey simple syrup by vigorously whisking the honey and hot water. Set aside.
3.In a pitcher, combine the prosecco, vodka, Hibiscus/Lavender tea, juice of 2 lemons and honey simple syrup. Keep cold.
4.When serving the punch, you can top each glass with a little unflavored sparkling water to give it a little zip and also lighten up the amount of alcohol served.

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