Good Morning, Sunshine! Meet your new wake-up friend. If you love coffee and chocolate, you’re going to LOVE Mocca Tea.


Type: Black Tea
Place: Andes Mountains
Ingredients: Columbian Black Tea, Coffee Beans, Cacao Nibs
Flavor Profile: Rich, malty, sweetness from cacao, pleasant bitterness from coffee beans
Caffeine: About half the amount of a cup of coffee

Colombian black tea is sourced from the Chocó region of the Andes Mountains. Grown near the Bitaco Regional Protected Rain Forest, this tea is grown at an elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level. Colombia is known for coffee production, and now they’re known for small-batch teas. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil influences the rich flavor profile. What makes Mocca Tea most unique is that it’s blended with coffee beans and cacao nibs. Both are given just a gentle crush so that they gently infuse the tea with just a touch of their essence. 


Steep Time & Temp: We deviate a bit from our 1-3 min steep time for Mocca. Steep for 3.5-4 mins. Steep in water just before the boil at 195°F.
Take a Sip: For black tea and coffee drinkers, you’re going to love Mocca straight up. We love Mocca with a bit of cream and sugar. Try our Vanilla Bean SugarEspresso Sugar or Cacao Sugar and layer love on top of love. Lovely.

Mocca Tea

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