Listen to Smidgen: 5 Brunch Recipes You’ll Want to Try this Weekend

Oh, hello again. Yes, we’re talking brunchagain. We’ve rounded up brunch recipes, but realized there’s so much more to say! From a big, beautiful Brunch Bagel Board to savory Shakshuka to a marvelous mocktail, consider this lineup Brunch 2.0. Let’s dig in!

1- Shakshuka

This delicious North African breakfast dish hits on all the savory, spicy, saucy notes. Our Harissa Extra Virgin Olive Oil joins forces with our Zhug Blend for a flavor combo that seasons the tomato-rich sauce – the perfect liquid for poaching eggs to perfection. Have lots of naan, pita or slices of baguette handy for sopping up that spicy sauce.

2- Brunch Bagel Board

We took the classic grab-and-go smoked salmon cream cheese bagel and turned it into a fancy affair. Meet the next hit of your brunch buffet with this fun twist on the classic breakfast. Line up all the accoutrement – red onion, capers, tomato – and offer cream cheese encrusted in our Everything Bagel Blend and Melange Pour le Pain. Two seedy, oniony, garlicky blends that are perfect for seasoning cream cheese to perfection.

3- British Sausage Rolls

The Kitchn described British sausage rolls as the U.K.’s version of pigs in a blanket. Pork sausage and pastry? We are all in! Traditionally made with homemade shortcrust, we’ve employed a shortcut here with frozen puff pastry dough. The pork gets seasoned with MaceNutmeg and a bit of Sage. Bake until golden brown, then pile on a platter. Add this fun, new twist to your next brunch! Be sure to serve it with Spiced Apricot Chutney!

4- Blueberry Ricotta Breakfast Cake

Ina Garten’s done it again with this downright delicious, picture-perfect recipe. Moist thanks to the ricotta and sour cream. Sweet and balanced because of the blueberries and lemon. Easy and doable because of, well, Ina! We amp up the citrus with our Pure Lemon Extract and dust this single layer beauty with Vanilla Bean Powder. The perfect cake to round out your brunch buffet.

5- Girabaldi Mocktail

This mocktail’s liquored-up cousin is a very simple layering of Campari and orange juice. Sounds amazing. And we found an amazing way to mimic this flavor profile in a alcohol-free version featuring our Rooibos Renewal Tea. The fun part is the frothed up orange juice to top the citrus-infused tea. Delight your brunch besties with this lovely mocktail.


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