Rise & Shine! We are up and at ’em with this roundup for America’s trendiest affair: Brunch! Long a Sunday morning tradition, brunch is now a Saturday morning (or any morning) staple. Here’s our roundup of seven tasty, easy-to-cook recipes must-haves for your next brunch.

1- Brunch Sausage Bites
We spiced up this Southern party buffet classic with our Brunch Blend. Add in white cheddar and fresh herbs and just 30 minutes later, cook you’ve got the perfect appetizer or snack for brunch and parties. Serve with our Jezebel Dipping Sauce. De-lish!

2- Roasted Sweet Potato Quiche with Feta
Fig Balsamic goes to work to roast the sweet red onions. The sweet potatoes are roasted in Garlic Maple Rub and Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then they all join the party in flaky crust for a dish that is a flavor explosion. A delicious meal morning, noon or night.

3- Shrimp & Grits
We love a quick recipe that’s perfect for morning, noon or night. Shrimp & Grits are equally as welcome on the breakfast, brunch or dinner table. We certainly like them all the time! Low-salt BBQ Shrimp Seasoning is perfect in this dish along with Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil and smoky Hot Paprika. It’s just so good – and time and every time!

4- Spiced Breakfast Cake
This classic cake is certainly welcomed at breakfast, and it’s also perfect for brunch, dinnertime dessert or with a cup of tea. Our warm British Cake Spice is featured in both the sugary streusel crumble that tops the cake and the pecan-studded ribbon that runs through the center. Rise and shine!

5- Yogurt, Strawberry & Granola Parfait

Yogurt, fresh sliced strawberries, granola and honey – what a great way to start the day! These are delicious with store-bought granola or try your hand at our Cinnamon Pecan Granola. Spice with Vietnamese Cinnamon and drizzle with Honey. These are fantastic lined up on a brunch buffet. We make these the night before for easy eating the next morning.

6- Berry, Hibiscus & Mango Cooler

What’s in a name? Because we aren’t quite sure what to call this one. Is it a Jazzed up Juice? Herbal elixir? A fruity tea Slushy? What about Semi-Smoothie. (Now we’re just making up words.) How about a Cooler? We like it! And you will, too. A quick frozen mango puree meets our Berry Blast Herbal Tea. Lip smacking berries and hibiscus suspend over the tropical fruit goodness. No matter what you call it, it’s pure refreshment.

white tea tangerine tango mimosa champagne

7- Tangerine Tango Mimosas

If you live the brunch life, this recipe is for you! We love taking familiar cocktails and giving them a tea twist! In this case, we held back a little on the orange juice and added in our Tangerine Tango White Tea. It is bursting with lip-smacking citrus and brunch ready! Cheers!

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