Our Brand Spotlight blog highlights our favorite tools of the trade. Store owner Anne hand picks our brands personally. In some cases, they are tools she’s used for years. In other cases, they are brands that impressed her so much, she just couldn’t wait to put them to work. And work, they do! All of the brands you’ll find at Red Stick Spice are tools used in our Teaching Kitchen. We put them through their paces in our Cooking Classes, recipe testing sessions and photo shoots. Rest assured, these tools will perform in your kitchen, too. Anne chose these tools, so you can count on them.

Meet SMEG. We are smitten with our SMEG appliances here at Red Stick Spice Company. When it comes to outfitting your kitchen, SMEG is unmatched in the appliance world. The fun, retro look pairs up with functionality you can count on. We can’t wait to see the pictures you post (and the recipes you make) with your new SMEG appliances! Appliances like these deserve to be part of your story. From the retro kettle to the immersion and countertop blender to the mixer (oh my, the mixer!) – all in a rainbow of classic and primary colors. Retro mint green. Creamy pink. Vibrant red. We love SMEG. They’re so cool, they need a playlist.

Retro Variable Temp Kettle

rooibos tea
Store owner Anne quickly added this one to our list of our go-to Tea Tools. It’s stylish. It comes in an array of hip, cool colors. The best part? The variable temps. We believe that the perfect cup of tea starts with the right tools. The SMEG Variable temp kettle is one for your toolbox. You’ll have perfectly-hot water in no time. Oh, and that sweet retro timer chime. You should hear it. Music to our ears!

Retro Hand Immersion Blender

mango chipotle taco marinade
From vinaigrettes to salsas to our ab-fav Caesar Dressing, some recipes don’t need a full blender carafe. Meet your pinch hitter. This immersion blender goes right into your pot of soup, and the handy cup attachment is just the thing for those small jobs. We keep this one within arms reach at all times. We turn to it again and again!

Retro Style Mixer

This retro beauty is ready to strike a pose on your kitchen counter. Such beautiful colors, you might be hesitant to put it to work. Trust us, whatever you’re baking, this stand mixer can handle it. 5 Qts, 10 speeds and multiple attachments. What will you bake?

Shop the SMEG Collection at Red Stick Spice.

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