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Once exclusive and hard to find, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become a mainstay. With its health benefits and cooking versatility, olive oil is among the top five most common pantry staples. We field lots of questions about olive oil – including its smoke point – and we are constantly working on recipes that highlight...


Summertime Supper Stroll | July 20, 2022

Well, that was FUN! Thanks for joining with us for our second Summertime Supper Stroll. So many good vibes from that evening – I wanted to bottle it up! It was such a pleasure spending time with you alongside my fab neighbors Reginelli’s Pizzeria and Jed’s Local Po Boys. And how fun to hear so many of you...


July is Culinary Arts Month

July is Culinary Arts Month, a celebratory month that highlights professional cooks and the unique flavors that they bring to the table. We have quite the lineup of incredible cooks who share their talents in the Teaching Kitchen at Red Stick Spice. Indeed, every class is a celebration. I am so lucky to be surrounded by tons of cooking...


Summertime Supper Stroll | June 23, 2022

Well that was fun, let’s do it again! We’re Strolling again in July. Grab a seat! Check out all the fun from the June Stroll…We weren’t kidding when we said the lazy daze of summer is the perfect time for a progressive dinner because our Summertime Supper Stroll with Reginelli’s Pizzeria, JED’s Louisiana Local Po’boys...

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