Chai Eggnog Tea
Chai Eggnog Tea


Masala Chai Tea
Hot water
1/2 cup prepared Eggnog
1/2 cup whole milk

Creamy Eggnog and Spicy Chai Tea come together in this delicious holiday sip that’s yummy enough to call it dessert! Add a few scrapes of Nutmeg on top for a dreamy finish.


1.Prepare a large mug of Masala Chai Tea by steeping 1 Tbl tea in near boiling water for 5 minutes. Because the tea will be combined with rich eggnog and milk, you can steep the tea a little longer than we typically instruct. A tiny bit of bitterness from the tea will be tamped by the sweetness and richness of the eggnog.
2.Mix and warm the milk and eggnog stovetop or in the microwave. Whisk or use a frother to aerate the mixture to build some volume and create a bit of fluffy froth for the top of the drink.
3.Divide the steeped Chai tea into two large mugs. Pour the frothed eggnog mixture over the tea. Add a few scrapes of Nutmeg.

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