8 cups steeped Gunpowder Green Tea
½ cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup gingerale
1 cup honey simple syrup
1 ½ cup Jameson Irish Whiskey
Lemon wedges and mint leaves for garnishing

Ginger, honey and lemon meet up with Gunpowder Green Tea for a refreshing sip. Oh, and Jameson – can’t forget that part! Serve this one with lots of ice and lemon wedges. A big-batch punch is perfect for parties, porching and parades!


1.To steep the Gunpowder Green Tea, place 3 Tbl Gunpowder in an infuser or cheesecloth pouch and place the tea in a pitcher large enough to hold the punch (the finished punch is 12.5 cups.) Pour 2 cups hot, near boiling (175°F) water over the tea. Steep for 6 minutes. Remove the leaves. Add water to total 8 cups.
2.To make the honey simple syrup, combine ½ cup honey with ½ cup hot water and whisk. (Honey does not combine well in cold beverages – this simple syrup is the key!)
3.Add in the lemon juice, gingerale, honey simple syrup and Jameson. Serve on the rocks with wedges of lemon.

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