Once exclusive and hard to find, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become a mainstay. With its health benefits and cooking versatility, olive oil is among the top five most common pantry staples. We field lots of questions about olive oil – including its smoke point – and we are constantly working on recipes that highlight all the possibilities. Here are three new ways to put that bottle of olive oil to work!

1- Crispy Skin Salmon
We get lots of questions about salmon, and this version is one of our favorite answers. This technique employs low heat and a generous glug of olive oil in the pan. We call it slow simmered. And we also call it very, very delicious. Here’s the thing with this recipe – it’s really a technique. In terms of flavor, you’re in charge. Salmon is a blank canvas. Choose an oil. Choose a blend. In this version, we grab our Herbes de Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Seattle Salmon Blend. Goodness gracious. That’s delicious!

2- Citrus Olive Oil Cake
Olive Oil cakes are common throughout the Mediterranean where olives are abundant. Pastries made with olive oil are fragrant and have a delicate, spongelike crumb. Our version is packed with citrus from beginning to end. We pair up our Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with our Blood Orange Avocado Oil. Plus, we tag team our extracts – Vanilla + Orange + Lemon – to create these little citrus treats that have a sugar crunch on the bottom and sublime glaze on top.

3- Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Flaky Salt
Olive oil on ice cream? Stay with us! It’s all about contrast. Savory Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes the perfect topping for sweet, creamy ice cream. Even though they are both composed of fat, the mouthfeel is completely different. Plus, the peppery, pleasantly bitter flavor of the olive oil balances the milky ice cream. A little sprinkle of Fleur de Sel, and you’ll be hooked.

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