Think beyond the turkey sandwich! (Side note: we do LOVE sandwiches!) Thanksgiving leftovers are a treasure trove of culinary creativity, delectable reinventions if you will. Think cheesy stuffed sandwiches, waffled mashed potatoes and a big stack of sweet potato pancakes. These inventive dishes extend the holiday joy and keep the flavors of Thanksgiving alive well beyond the feast. Here are five recipes that use leftovers and might just upstage the Thanksgiving meal itself!

1- Turkey & Sausage Gumbo

When it comes to day-after-Thanksgiving leftover traditions, this is one that some folks prefer over the turkey day spread! First, turkey bones are used to create a flavorful broth. Then, add in Make Ahead Roux along with leftover turkey, smoked sausage and Gumbo Seasoning for a big pot of comfort. What a delicious way to extend the holiday. Perfect for Black Friday post-shopping meal and football watching. Yum!

2- Turkey Panini with Brie & Cranberry Sauce

This turkey and Brie panini is a day-after-Thankgiving leftover delight. Sliced roast turkey Thinly sliced turkey meets the creamy, decadent Brie and it’s studded with spinach and tart-sweet Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce, all nestled in toasted, golden brown bread. We griddle and press this sandwich with our Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the result is a warm, gourmet sandwich that’s a treat for the senses.

3- Cheesy Waffled Mashed Potatoes

Waffled mashed potatoes are a buttery, cheesy crispy twist on a classic Thanksgiving side dish. Creamy mashed potatoes combine with sharp cheddar and our Sunny Herb Blend for delicious flavor. Butter Flavored Olive Oil glazes the waffle iron to help with that delightful crunch. The hybrid of texture and flavor will elevate your day-after Turkey day leftover game.

4- Sweet Potato Pancakes

No matter if your Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole is topped with nuts or marshmallows, they’re all invited to this pancake breakfast. Leftover mashed sweet potatoes help make these tender delights that are just begging for a big glug of maple syrup. We add in British Cake Spice for comforting seasonal flavor – sure to make your morning after Thanksgiving extra delicious.

5- Cranberry Thumbprint cookies

Leftover Cranberry Sauce meets crisp, buttery shortbread, studded with fresh rosemary. Only slightly sweet with little bites of salt, this day-after-Thanksgiving snack eats more like a savory nibble than a cookie. Use our Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce or Ginger Pear Cranberry Sauce for the filling – both work well with the buttery-herby cookie.

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