1 heaping tsp Raja Oolong Chai
1/2 cup milk (we used almond)
Sweetener, optional

Sometimes that morning latte is just a little too big of a jolt. Smooth things out with the subtle caffeine delivery from an Oolong tea. Oolongs are in a world all their own. They’re not black teas. They’re not green teas. They are the result of a very specific processing method with precise semi-oxidation. The result is an intricate cup that delivers caffeine, just not too much.

Oh, and that froth? You’ll get there with our Matcha & Milk Frother. Look at you, you Barista, you.


1.Steep 1 heaping tsp Raja Oolong Chai in 1 cup near boiling water. If you have a variable temp kettle, 175°F is the ideal temp for Oolongs. While we don't like to set many rules when it comes to tea, the temp for Green, White and Oolong teas are rules that should be followed. Don't use boiling water for these teas. They'll scorch and the flavor will be metallic and unpleasant.
2.Steep the Raja Oolong Tea for 5 mins. Strain off the leaves.
3.Warm the milk and froth until bubbly and foamy. Pour over the tea, sweeten if you'd like and enjoy!

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