unicorn herbal tea rooibos sprinkles
unicorn herbal tea rooibos sprinkles


Unicorn Tea
Andi Lynn's Little Berry

Our herbal teas for kids are the perfect way to add healthy hydration to your little one’s day. Unicorn Tea is a magical combo of vitamin and mineral-rich Rooibos along with botanicals and big flavor. Colorful, glittery sprinkles make this blend a fun experience to brew. Magic in a cup.

We used Andi Lynn’s Little Berry to sweeten this for an extra boost of immune wellness and vitamins like Vitamin C and Zinc. Serve it over ice or pack it to go with our favorite travel-friendly reusable straw.


1.Brew a cup of Unicorn Tea by placing a Tablespoon of tea in an infuser. Pour hot water over the tea and steep for 5-7 minutes.
2.To brew a pitcher, place 1/3 cup Unicorn Tea in an infuser and then into a 2 quart pitcher. Our capsule infusers work well or you can simply tie it up in a bundle of cheesecloth tied with string. Fill the pitcher with water and place in the fridge. In 8-12 hours, you have cold brew tea!
3.Add 1 tsp Little Berry to a cup of Unicorn Tea. Delicious for little and bigs!

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