Cold steeped tea is easy. There are only two variables to consider: the tea and the tool. Steeping tea leaves in cold water over an extended period avoids bitterness and harsh flavors, resulting in a smoother, sweeter and more delicate tea. The slow infusion allows the tea’s natural flavors to shine, making it a delightful summer thirst quencher. Here are our Six Tea Tools for Cold Steep Tea Success:

1- ForLife Lucent Jug

The Lucent Jug with Capsule Infuser steeps 48 ounces of tea and is our pick for Black and Green Teas. The capsule infuser perfectly steeps the tea and allows for removal of the leaves when the time is right. The unique capsule infuser is large and allows tea to fully bloom. Experience pure flavor by brewing concentrated tea with the capsule infuser and dilute with water and ice. Hand crafted made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Silicone foot cover will absorb the impact on hard surface and prevent slip. All the parts are detachable for easy care and cleaning. Check out our recipe for Cold Steeped Yaupon.

Teas to steep in your Lucent Jug:
Happy Green Tea
Yaupon Tea
Spiced Satsuma Black Tea

2- The Hario Bottle

Cold brew tea just got a whole lot prettier! This champagne bottle shaped infusing bottle steeps up 27 ounces of delicious tea. It is definitely one of our new favorite things. The Hario bottle is perfect for Herbal Teas, White Teas, Oolong Teas and Mate. Because the leaves stay in the bottle, you get continual extraction. After you’ve enjoyed your tea, be sure to re-fill the bottle with water for a second extraction. We love the shape, style and colors of this Hario filter-in-bottle device. It’s beautiful and oh, so practical. The filter is fixed onto the spout to catch the leaves. Easily removes for cleaning. Made from borosilicate glass.

Teas to steep in your Hario Bottle:

Lemon Mint Lavender Mate
Lemon Ginger Zinger Herbal Tea
Indigo Moon Oolong Tea

3- ForLife Mist Iced Tea Jug with Basket Infuser

Steep up a big, 68-ounce pitcher of tea with the MIST Iced Tea Jug with Basket Infuser. The Mist’s basket infuser is oversized – perfect for large leaf White Teas or Herbal Teas with lots of flowers and fruit like our Berry Blast Herbal Tea. The Mist Iced Tea Jug is also a great tool for spa water: cucumber, berry or mint – it’s the perfect tool for infusing H2O. The double ring silicone gasket keeps the top firmly in place and the infuser catches even the finest tea for smooth pouring. Simply add hot or cold water to the pitcher after the infuser filled with loose tea, fruit or botanicals has been placed in the pitcher.

Teas to steep in your Mist Iced Tea Jug

Pretty in Pink White Tea
Raspberry Patch Herbal Tea

4- ForLife Flask Jug

Beautiful and functional. Those are just two of the reasons we love the ForLife Flask Iced Tea Jug. Want more reasons? Just grab any of our Herbal TeasWhite TeasOolong Teas or Mate, steep a jug and you’ll have delicious proof, sip after sip. Because the tea leaves remain in the jug, the flavor gets better and better.

The Flask Iced Tea Jug is a generous 64 ounces with a filter lid that functions as a strainer. The lid sits tight thanks to a silicone gasket. The Flask Jug is easy to clean and looks great, too! Wondering where to start? Try our Cold Steeped Rooibos. So refreshing!

Teas to steep in your Flask Iced Tea Jug

Rooibos Vanilla Chai Herbal Tea
Raja Oolong Chai
Almond Pear Custard White Tea

5- Steepware Everest Tumbler

Tea-infusing bottles are not created equal! Meet the award-winning insulated Everest Tea Tumbler from Steepware®. Equipped with a large stainless steel infuser and screw-down lid to maintain a clean drinking spout — this 22-oz double-walled vessel is best-in-class to brew your finest teas and fuel your customers’ daily adventures.

All of our Herbal Teas are a must for this tumbler. White Teas cold steep beautifully as well! How about Spa Water? Simply add fruit or herbs for a trip-to-the-spa experience. This unique design is bold and functional — ready to hydrate you on every expedition!

Teas to steep in your Everest Tumbler

Hazelnut Creme Herbal Tea
Tangerine Tango White Tea
Chocolate & Chicory Tea

6- Steepware Craft Cold Brew Filter Lid for Jars

Did you know that you can sip fresh tea all day long without ever using a kettle? Cold brew is easy to DIY and yields rich, smooth and delicious brews because they’re lower on astringency. Just add the ingredients for your tea or spa water to a wide-mouth Mason Jar, screw on the Craft Cold Brew Filter and chill until ready. Extraction is maximized while tea leaves are freely in contact with water inside the jar, getting the most flavor out of your botanicals. The integrated Stainless Steel mesh filter will strain your beverage when serving or decanting, and rubberized grips on the handle ensure a comfortable grip while you pour.

Teas to steep with your Craft Cold Brew Filter Lid

Banana Split Herbal Tea
Amaretto Tea
Buzzworthy Tea

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