tik tok tortilla breakfast wrap
tik tok tortilla breakfast wrap


2 burrito-sized tortillas
Scrambled Eggs
Frozen Hash Browns
Caramelized Onion Avocado Oil
Spud Spice
Cooked Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

We never dreamed some of favorite recipes would come from Tik Tok. But here we are. (And we kind of love it.) This tortilla fold is a fun way to re-think a quesadilla. We love all the possibilities from breakfast to lunch and all the snacks in between. Try it!


1.Heat a skillet over medium. Have your eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage ready. Make a cut halfway up the center of the tortilla. Place the ingredients separately in four quadrants.
2.Fold the lower right quadrant up, then to the left and then down. You'll make a triangular, layered tortilla.
3.Place the folded tortilla in the skillet. :Cook until golden brown. Flip and brown on the other side.

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