Fais Do Do Tea or ANY tea
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
Pinch Himalayan Salt

Store staffer Tish brought this idea to us, and we thought: genius. We also thought: what can tea NOT do? We sip it, bake with it, shake cocktails with it. Now we’re making our breakfast with it! These overnight oats are a cinch. Choose your favorite tea. Steep a cup. Load up a jar with oats, douse with tea. And you’re off! A great way to start your day!


1.Steep 1 cup Fais Do Do or your favorite tea. Set aside.
2.Add oats to a jar or bowl. Add in the tea and Himalayan Salt. Stir, cover and refrigerate overnight.
3.Eat the oats cold or warm in the microwave. Add sweetener or honey, if desired. We love topping ours with musli and berries.

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